Thursday, January 05, 2012

still an "L"

the girl went for her driving test this morning. i had hoped she would pass 1st time but she didn't.

did she knock into a pole during parking?


did she slide down the slope?


did she forget to put on the indicator light when changing lanes?


so, how did she fail?

she ran a red light.

i'm still reeling from the shock - there's a potential speed demon in the family.


Cara said...

*reading this post for the third time and this time, very very slowly* she. jumped. the. red. light.

Hokay, my eyes didn't play tricks.

Now, laughing so hard that I am having trouble writing the rest of this comment.

Anyway, I am sure she would not repeat this feat in the next test.

doc said...


in her defence, she protested that the lights turned from green-amber-red in quick succession. i know there ARE a few traffic lights like that, but that still doesn't excuse her for NOT slowing down while approaching traffic lights, junctions, schools & hospitals.

i'm certain i'll also be laughing over this AFTER i've recovered from the initial shock.

Tempus said...

oh well, some people are just insensitive like that. Sometime it makes me question to run over or not, especially when its late at night.

doc said...


traffic rules are there for a reason - to ensure the safety of all road users and pedestrians.

be guided by your own conscience.

Small Kucing said... color means go faster mah :P

doc said...

Small Kucing,

that's what people do AFTER they get the driving licence, not before.

stay-at-home mum said...

LOL! she will learn from it. Better she ran it before she gets her license than all the time after that.

fibrate said...

Oops :)

Tempus said...

Oh you forgot one most important thing about rules. They are meant to be broken.

Michelle Mak said...

i remember when i was on the road during the practice session i will hold the steering with one hand and enjoying my drive at the speed of 90km/hr on mrr2.. but end up kena sound hahah :P

doc said...


she should. this is more than just passing the test - it concerns safety on the road.

doc said...


oops, indeed!

doc said...


oh, i'm not sure about that. maybe school rules like lining up at the canteen, but running a red light?

not when lives are at stake.

doc said...



i must wonder if YOUR driving school is legitimate.!

Medie007 said...

LMAO!!!! running a red light! @.@ wow... @.@

still speechless.


doc said...


sometimes i wonder where i've failed as a parent!

ilene ong said...

alamak! Ini L learner ah so daring! Probably she saw what the dad did?! ;)

doc said...


more like watched to many cop-and-robbers videos.

dad is an (ahem!) examplary driver.

HappySurfer said...

She probably was too tense? These things do happen, you know. Lesson learned for her, I'm sure. So, when's the retest?

Hi Doc, happy new year!

doc said...


blessed new year!

the retest is in 2 wks.

pilocarpine said...

well, the first thought that went through my mind was "i hope she's alrite". thankfully, no car banged hers from the sides as she ran the redlight.

doc said...


thanks, she's alright.

anastasia said...

sorry but...


doc said...


don't be - she has to learn from her indiscretions.

Oldstock said...

Don't blame her lah Doc... it's in the genes, heheh...

Cara said...

More importantly, have you got over your shock yet? Family needs you to drive them around yunno, this weekend.. the new driver still not ready. *laughs*

doc said...


in a way, it's in the genes. i've had about 5 speeding tickets in my lifetime but i've been law-abiding for over 6yrs now.

it's just shocking (to me) that someone so young can break traffic rules, DURING a driving test at that!

doc said...


yeah, i can even joke about it now.

the wife also drives, so she handles the responsibilty of being chauffeur to the kids.

Yan said...

I passed my driving test the second time.

I failed the first time because I did not know how to control the speed of the car when making a left turn! It must be a scary experience for the examiner. He braked the car!

With that, during the second test, I was burst with confidence. I am still thankful to the examiner who failed me!

so, everything happens for a reason! I am sure the girl will always remember and be ext.ra careful when coming to traffic lights.

doc said...


failures sure serve to remind us that we are only humans; they also help strengthen our resolve to do better.