Monday, January 30, 2012

at the crossroads

5th formers are spoilt for choice these days. there are so many paths they can take to pursue their career dreams.

those who can afford private education, go on to foundation courses or A-levels, either locally or overseas, based on their forecast results. foundation courses fast-track on to university within a year while A-levels exams may be taken in june of the following year, allowing entry into UK universities in september.

yet others wait for the SPM results & then apply for matriculation or 6th form. these are the government's equivalent of foundation courses & A-levels, respectively.

amidst all these, there's the annual saga of government & private scholarships & the long-drawn issue of the fair disbursement of these awards.

so many choices. how would you choose what's best for your kids? how would they choose?

This is what the LORD says: “Stop at the crossroads and look around. Ask for the old, godly way, and walk in it. Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls. 
Jer 6:16


Yan said...

I am at the crossroads for my son, Chris!

STPM, A Level, Matriculation
Foundation (local or overseas)

I did not have that problem with Rachel because she had only one choice then - foundation, oversea - because the best language she masters is English.

Jer 6:16 - how timely!

eugene said...

I really don't know doc,used to tell my boys,be very good cos when you are really good,there are people out there who would love to fish you.... and I have told them cos I ain't got no money for them ,,hahahhahahah

reanaclaire said...

I will also be at the crossroads... waiting for the SPM results and hoping she can get a scholarship into some college/Uni.. she is interested in Dentistry but after calculating my so-called assets, i told her "sorry".. mama doesnt have enough unless my country does the sponsoring..

doc said...


we are at crossroads daily, some more major than others.

may your decision be guided by God's wisdom.

doc said...


your boys are in the same situation i was in when i was a student. when you don't have much choice, you are more determined & tend to work harder to achieve your ambitions. & that's not a bad thing.

doc said...


Taylor & Sunway offer full & partial waiver of fees for A-levels for excellent results.

may God guide you as you decide at the crossroads.

Unicorn Girl said...

I wonder why this education option thingy did not exist during my era - which was in the mid nineties ....;(

doc said...


kids have so many options nowadays, they are spoilt for choice.