Monday, January 02, 2012

old school

i know it's odd to talk about old when it's less than 2 days into the new year, but a member of the old school has passed on.

i read the obituary of prof sengupta, head of orthopaedics when i was his student. his department has this to say about the good professor:
there's no doubt the prof loved to teach. as students, we used to dread his teaching wards rounds, only because he could spend a whole session on just 1 patient, elaborating on clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment & how such a patient may present during the exams. his morning round would often stretch through lunch & the part we dreaded the most was that he could stand throughout the whole proceeding by the patient's bedside, so we had to stand as well. he would end at about 1.30pm & we would have to grab a quick bite before afternoon classes commenced again at 2pm.

such diligence & dedication is rare nowadays.

so, dear prof sengupta, on behalf of the class of 79/84, we all salute you, together with the late profs karim, raman, dhanaraj & bosco,  as pillars of our medical education.

you've taken our hands, opened our minds & touched our hearts. you've made us into who we are today & we thank you.

may your soul rest in peace.


Cara said...

Everytime I think of the teachers that had taught and inspired me - either in school or in life - I feel very blessed 'coz with all humility, what I am now and what I have achieved thus far, can all be traced back to the foundation that they had helped me built, the seeds that they have helped me sown and the spark that they had helped me nurtured.

Talking about my teachers always make me emotional and I am sure that you were too, when you reflected on how Prof SenGupta had touched your life.

May eternal light shine upon him and may his soul rest in peace. Amen

doc said...

dear Cara,

thanks for commiserating with me.

i think the greatest tribute one can pay to the teacher is to be an exemplary student or to aspire to carry the torch & become a teacher.

unfortunately, i was neither. ha ha!

Medie007 said...

the news came as a shock to me too, and i had to hear it from my friends all the way in malacca.

had just 2 classes with him. can't say i remember much from his class; but of him, aplenty.

doc said...


didn't your legs just ache during his ward rounds?

Oldstock said...


Good mentors are hard to come by. And when they pass on, the memories linger with those whose lives they have touched.

doc said...


well said!

don't you feel sad for the current education system?