Saturday, March 17, 2012

the week that was

the one-week school break sure passed by fast.

the girl has been home this whole week but i've not had much time to catch up with her except during dinner time. she did achieve one thing though - she finally passed her driving test. (read here)

the boy did something nice, too. he loves frozen yoghurt & he offered to give us all a treat today, limited to rm20.

as a working parent, sometimes my life is controlled by forces outside my control (read: patients) & there's a real danger that the kids grow up without my being there or my realising the changes that accompany their rite of passage.

so, in a way, i'm glad i agreed for the wife to be a stay-at-home mum.


Small Kucing said...

at east you still get to spend some time with them in the evening

doc said...

Small Kucing,

i always look forward to less busy days.

Tempus said...

good going with the kids! I can't imagine a wedded life and busy work schedule yet XD even more as a medical associate, even if im a vet.

doc said...


once you get there, you'll manage somehow.

pets are probably less demanding.

Michelle Mak said...

awww so lovely of ur son, doc! tell him if there is a chance this big jie jie here would like to treat him too because he is such a nice boy! hehe

wenn said...

good for u..btw, frozen yogurt must be cool.

stay-at-home mum said...

congrats on her passing of the driving test!! Now you will have someone fighting with you for use of the car when she is home, or are you planning to get her her own wheels? How is she enjoying the east in singapore?

Cara Lim said...

Doc: I am very touched by your son's gesture. I mean, how many kids these days would do things like these. I went to the Apple store last week and all I heard was "I want. I want" from kids, presumably, as rewards for doing well in the exams.

Congratulations to the daughter for passing her driving test. I am sure she must be wishing that her holidays were longer so that she can hone her driving skills


doc said...


i accept your offer on his behalf.

doc said...


frozen yoghurt tastes nice but because of its price, can't have it too often.

doc said...


thanks. she can drive the wife's car once she gets her licence.

she has nicely settled in the hostel. one bus to school, church & the mall, so it's very convenient. i sense she's happier now that classes & hostel are co-ed.

doc said...


thanks. she didn't get her licence on time before she went back, & yes, she'll be itching to get behind the wheel at the next school break.

we're just as touched by the boy's gesture. the rm20 is from his ang-pow collection.

Michelle Mak said...

haha wait till 23/4 i will be in town! hahahah..

doc said...


we'll be waiting.