Friday, April 27, 2012

the new gold?

Our gold medallist at London Olympic Games stands to become an instant millionaire.

that's a story in The Star yesterday (read here). call me old-fashioned, which i am, but we always talk about the good old days when representing the country in the world's sporting arena was an honour & winning was the one desire in every sportsperson's dream. the prize money, though pittance those days, wasn't much to brag about.

remember the football team of arumugam, santokh singh, soh chin aun & mokhtar dahari? we were consistently the best in south-east asia & second only to south korea in asia. look where we are now despite turning professional?

in badminton, we have no clear chance of winning the thomas cup since 1992, when the razif brothers last brought glory to the country. now only lee chong wei has consistently won at international level while the koo-tan pair (in 2007) & roslin (in 2003) proved to be a flash in the pan at the all-england. unfortunately, squash is not yet an olympic event.

maybe money has nothing to do with our title drought but it sure can be a distraction.

on an unrelated matter, if you support electoral reforms, wear yellow tommorow.

it could well be the new gold.


Small Kucing said...

Tengah DUDUK now but at home.

doc said...

Small Kucing,

were you there?

Yvonne Foong said...

If I look at the financial reward as an end, my efforts and result at doing something will drop. Not sure if other people experience the same.

I know that I am such a person. That's why when I created the Heart4Hope campaign, I tried very hard not to see money as an end even though I was raising monetary funds to pay for surgery. The amount of money I had to raise at that time was USD58,600.00 but me being me, I focused on spreading hope and love among the people, and managed to sustain my passion for the cause till today.

doc said...


that's how i thought those sports people falter once they get monetary incentives. it's no more about the passion & honour, but the money.