Monday, December 10, 2012


the generation gap is often blamed for the many arguments that arose between parents & their grown-up children. not only is the age difference telling, sometimes it's also the constrast in educational background & life experiences.

my daughter & i have our fair share of angst & aggravation between us. recently, i realised that, in the right circumstances, this difference in age & everything else can just melt away....

she bought me a novel at a sale, 3 weeks before my birthday. unknowingly, i bought the same book , the hard-cover version, shortly after at the discount section of a book-store. 2 events revealed how truly she is after my own heart - she knows exactly the book i want & she knows i like purchasing during sales.

goes without saying that i'm keeping both copies.

we watched the Jersey Boys two weekends ago - it was her idea actually & i'm a bit surprised because i thought Frankie Valli was a bit before her time. as we sang along, clapped hands & tapped our feet, the generation gap disappeared for those fleeting moments.

we were 1-generation & i look forward to doing that again.


Small Kucing said...

father and daughter thinks alike.

I like his short stories too.They always have an unexpected ending

stay-at-home mum said...

you both caught the jersey boys in Singapore?? My daughter wont go with me ... and the tickets are too expensive! Yeah! It's things like this that helps the bonding.

doc said...


that's why he's the top story-teller of this generation! yes, the more twisted the ending, the better!!

doc said...


go for it! you'll not regret - if given the opportunity, i'd like to watch it again!!

PS. watching on youtube is not the same!!

Andrea Boult said...

Hmmm..yes, I would be having my fair share of generation gap when my girl comes home for Xmas today; and maybe..just maybe...another g-gap going on when my parents arrive for Xmas next week. LOL

But like any astute Jedi follower, I am well-prepared with three killer tools up my sleeve - Eating, Shopping and Love (lots and lots of loving) :D

If all things fail, I'll probably have to dig deep for my ultimate tool - Karaoke Xmas singalong. LOL

doc said...


i'm almost certain you'll be able to pull it off & bond 3 generations into 1.

as Paul almost wrote to the Corinthian church: eating, shopping, love....the greatest is love!

Andrea Boult said...

LOL. You mean...Paul, the Beatle? Omai!

doc said...


no lah! Paul the apostle, who actually wrote in 1 Cor 13:13"Faith, hope, love - the greatest of these is love."