Thursday, December 20, 2012

i thought i was scammed....

tried to pump petrol using credit card today. the 1st two attempts did not go through, so i thought that the card payment device at that pump was faulty. drove to another pump (same station) & this time the payment went through.

shortly after that, i received this sms.....
i was shocked since i only pumped rm30 worth of petrol. thoughts of how unscrupulous people were waiting around that pump that was rigged & preying on ignorant innocent victims like me filled my mind. i could almost hear their evil laughter as they filled petrol into their motorbikes with impunity.

i immediately called up the bank to report the misuse of the card.

however, i was relieved to be told that it's standard procedure to bill an arbitrary sum for transactions that did not go through. i'm not sure why it's done this way, but just glad that i was not penalised for being careless. i was told to call again in a few days to check the actual amount billed.

i think next time, i should press the "cancel" button at the pump when the transaction is unsuccessful, just in case.



Andrea Boult said...

I would have done the same too...called the bank up immediately. My rule of thumb is: Whenever my card is rejected (for whatever reason) or I'm asked to remove and re-enter my card into the slot at the petrol pump, I'll cancel the transaction and go to the counter to pay. Better safe than sorry. :)

doc said...


that's what i would do the next time, too!

as it turned out, i wasn't overbilled as feared.