Monday, August 05, 2013

botox, anyone?

many, myself included, believed that the best milk are produced in new zealand. maybe it's true, maybe it's just persuasive advertising, but trusted names like fernleaf, anchor & danone have strong following worldwide.

suddenly, in the wake of the botulism scare, china, the largest importer of new zealand milk, has ordered a recall of the latter's milk products. in 2008, tragedy struck china's milk industry when tainted milk killed 6 infants & made many more sick.

botulinum toxin, produced by the bacteria Clostridium, poisons the nerves, causes paralysis & can be fatal. the irony is that doctors are injecting people with this toxin (even the label on the bottle said so)......
 ......though in small, controlled doses, so that the recipients may loose their wrinkles, frowns lines & crow feet.
medicine, like most things in life, dictates that too much of a thing can't be that good, eg. sugar, salt, cholesterol. the other classical example is vaccines. these are watered-down versions of the actual viruses, that in their original forms, causes diseases like polio, measles & tetanus.
so, if you're thinking of having botox, just imagine that you're getting a toxin injected into you & that's just to look good.
is it really worth it?
But the fruit of the Spirit is ............ temperance: against such there is no law. (gal 5:22, KJV)


wenn said...

oh, I don't think I will like botox. Anyway, it's good to grow gracefully with some wrinkles.. :)

Small Kucing said...

Not for me

doc said...


does that also mean you won't be dyeing your hair black??

doc said...


me, neither!

Andrea Boult said...

Ahhh...botox. Gives one that eternally surprised look; or worst, a chipmunk look, if used constantly.

doc said...


vain people pay to get their faces poisoned? has this world gone mad???