Saturday, August 31, 2013

just the wrong place......

it was a tragedy that the Air Asia exec was knocked down by a car driven by a Good Samaritan trying to help save her from robbers. if only she had been a little further from where she was, the robbers may have been seriously injured instaed.

same with this guy. he was eagerly awaiting the for fireworks as the countdown to Merdeka began. however, instead of shooting off skywards, the fireworks went straight towards his direction instead.
he suffered some minor burns & cuts on his face close to his right eye. his vision was fortunately not affected.

if only he had stood a few feet away in a different position, he may have avoided injury altogether.

sometimes, our own negligence causes accidents to ourselves or to others. at other times, we have no control over things that happen to us.

may God watch over & protect us always!


wenn said...

we can't predict what will happen..
if only we could..

doc said...


we need divine protection.