Monday, May 19, 2014


that's a scary word. it means "summons," & we're all to familiar with it, be it from the police,  road transport or internal revenue. usually it implies that some form of payment is outstanding & due.

it's also used when we receive wedding invitations. this may be from a friendly party but the outcome is nevertheless identical - a payment is in order.

i just received one last week.....

this is to attend court as a prosecution witness. someone from the hospital had used my name to pilfer stuff. so, in addition to getting the guilty party charged for wrongdoing, it's also to clear my name.

i just hope to defence counsel don't tear me to pieces 1st!!


Small Kucing said...

ouch...good luck

doc said...


Thanks, but true to form, the hearing was postponed to July.

Malaysia boleh!

Chun Alvianna B said...

Hope everything goes well..

kc said...

been to court once for running a red light! not so scary after a while

doc said...



the hearing has to postponed & will be held this afternoon.

doc said...


didn't you pay the compound instead? after all, hard to argue against running a red light.

mun said...

What a terrible thing to do, to use someone else's name to steal. All the best to you!

doc said...


yes, what a terrible thing he did. he will get his just desserts.