Sunday, April 12, 2015

camping out

finally, the boy is roughing it out......

tent - checked

sleeping bag - checked

bottles of drinking water - checked

note book - checked.

it's his scouts' camping trip. was it held out in the forest or forest reserve? outdoor camping site? on a field?

actually, none of the above.

it was held in the school compound. still, that hasn't dampened his enthusiasm for the outdoors, for roughing it out away from the comforts of home & for bonding with the fellow scouts.

however, he did call for replenish drinking water for the 3-day camp out.


mun said...

They are allowed hand phones during camping?

Andrea Boult said...

When my girl was in Form 1, the school organised a camping trip. Attendance was compulsory. It was for 3D/2N at the Hutan Rimba camping site on the outskirts of KL. Anyway, to cut the story short, we discovered three things when she returned at the end of the trip: (1) some kiasu parents (not me) had their maids housed in nearby campsite hostel to be on standby, (2) they had professional caterers to deliver all meals and (3) she was good at cardgames <--'nuf said! LOL

doc said...


this is their 1st camp out, so they closed one eye on the handphones.

doc said...


We found out that it's humanly possible to survive 3 days on just cup noodles & plain water.