Thursday, August 24, 2017

1st time on a plane

I was a houseman in the medical ward when this middle-aged Sarawakian gentleman, visiting Pesta Pulau Pinang with his family, suffered a massive heart attack. Although he made good recovery, he was apprehensive about returning home, so his family requested for a doctor to accompany. Guess who was given the free trip responsibility to transfer the patient home? Unrecorded leave, some more, yayy!

The journey (Penang-KL-Kucing-Sibu-Kapit) was largely uneventful. Truth be told, if anything should happen, there's not much besides CPR that I can offer but I suppose my presence was all that is required.

Reached Kapit after a nite in Sibu & a boat ride on the Rejang. Found out that the guy owned a coffee shop. Looking back, they really took care of me throughout the whole trip. Funny thing, I can't remember his name or his shop, but the name of the hotel he checked me into remained in the backburner all these years. Mahligai Kapit.....and I was treated like a king.
Thanks for the memory, Towkay.
Kapit, Jan 1985

PS. I met an old flame on the flight from Kucing to Sibu, but that's a story for another day. :P


Fadhil said...

Wow Doc... that's a whole lot of posting since your previous one in 2015. I used to peek here once in a while just to see if there any updates. And then suddenly you come back with 11 posts. I've yet to read all of them... this note is just to let you know I'm here, hehe...

Reanaclaire said...

Hey Doc, long time no hear from you... so glad you came to my blog yesterday! Must keep in touch.. how long have it been since I last came by here? That time I was still working for the government and now they have kicked me out... hahahaa...

doc said...


glad to catch up with you again, fellow bangsa johor!

Andrea said...

Hey Doc,
Your post gives an interesting twist to the term "Flying Doctor" or "Belon Spital" where healthcare professionals are flown (usually by helicopter or Fokker planes) to the interior of Sarawak to dispense basic medical care. But in your case, it is more like .. ahem.. free holiday. LOL I bet your fellow MO were envious!!!

Kapit has not changed since you visited in 1985. I stopped by Kapit on two occasions a few years back, on my way to timber concessions upriver for due diligence audits. The hotel - Maligai Kapit - is still the largest in that town, and I remembered the chinese coffeeshop next to the hotel with a big Green Spot bottle on its signage. Anyway, I have posted this picture on my Facebook page and fingers crossed, we might be able to get a name and contact number soon. Good luck!

mun said...

wow, did that man pay for everything? I am surprise to know the hospital approve of you accompanying him all the way home. Did the hospital charge him a fee for this? Old flame? any sparks?

doc said...


he footed the bill for plane tickets & hotels, which is why I addressed him as Towkay.


his family was genuinely concerned about his condition & my Boss was a very understanding man, so he let me go. No charge from hospital.

yes, a hottie of a flame (fanning myself now) but since she is happily married, I had to refrain from posting photos.


doc said...


much water has passed under the bridge since, but hey, here we are.....back in contact again.

I just started blogging again.

doc said...


I was the only HO available willing to go. this is too trivial for MOs to handle. I just happened to be at the right posting at the right time.

Thanks for posting in your FB page. I would think the shop is managed by the son now.

mun said...

Thanks for your reply. Oops, don't let the missus see you fanning yourself. ;)