Sunday, August 06, 2017

The elective posting

It's time for the daughter to pick the hospital elective posting for next year.

Her 1st choice is a popular district hospital 160km away because there are more hands-on & practical experiences there. She will have to find new accommodation in the district & may be on the road often.

The 2nd is the city hospital only 12km away & 25 mins by train. On top of that, she already lives near the train station. For logistic reasons, being a foreign student, I much preferred she remained in the city.

As it turned out, she was allotted the city hospital. I was glad. And I forgot to mention that had she been posted to the district, she planned on getting a car & driving the 320 km round trip every week.



Andrea Boult said...

I would say "Phew!" to that, too. LOL. Doing the 320km round trip weekly is no joke.

doc said...

ha ha, I knew what she was up to....if she got that district posting, she'd be asking for a car next.

Someone Up There heard our prayer.