Thursday, January 11, 2018

MH 131

That's the malaysia airlines flight to Auckland. Always brings a smile to us when we get to visit the daughter, marking the beginning of a much anticipated family vacation at year's end.
Except when she has to board the same flight on her own, to go back for the new academic term.
She's spent the last 10 days with us at home. She regaled, shopped, feasted and caught up with old friends.
And she lamented she has to go back again and that if only we all could be there with her.
Grow up, girl. There are many solo  journeys in life. Paths on which you thread alone. A rite of passage.
But you are not really alone. Our love  for you abounds wherever you are. Our thoughts of you tarry by your side. On your shoulders, you carry our aspirations. And God's presence is nigh if you open your heart to Him.
Goodbye is painful only when you know you'll never say hello again.
Goodbye for now, Hello in October.


mun said...

Wise words. When she misses you all, she can read your blog. I believe that will give comfort to her.

doc said...


you know what's ironic?

she doesn't read blogs.