Tuesday, December 04, 2007

role reversal

when i attend meetings, as part of continuing medical education, i tend to sit near the back, either because i'm late or i need to go off early. that way, i can slip in & out & no one's the wiser.

but today's different. i was asked by a pharmaceutical company to chair the meeting, held in the evening at a local hotel. this is new to me, but it helped that the speaker, a surgeon by training, is from Sweden - a country whose exports include Volvos, Ikea, Abba & Bjorn Borg, some things i can confidently engage in conversation with, besides the topic in discussion.

so there i was, sitting nervously at the very unfamiliar front row, sporting tie (which felt like a noose), introducing the speaker, moderating the Q&A session after that & trying to entertain the gentleman (& his wife) over dinner.

it felt so surreal, yet enlightening. it helped that the speaker has visited m'sia many times before, follows the fortunes of his country's football team & is also conversant in non-medical matters. (i didn't know that sweden is in the EU & yet maintain the kroner as its currency)

in the end, the sponsor gave this for "troubling me".

i say, it's no trouble at all, if the next time, i get a trip to the carribean. heh heh!


just me said...

There is always a first time for everything..glad yours turned out so well!

doc said...

just me,

yeah, the 1st step is always the most difficult to make. it's like inertia. now, i'm anticipating the next opportunity.