Sunday, May 17, 2009

they're here....!!

now that the 1st cases of H1N1 flu has been reported, it's only a matter of time before more cases flood in. the ministry of health has already sent out circulars to advise the private hospitals how suspected cases are to be handled.

we started out with closing all entry/exit points except 2 - the main entrance & the emergency department, where staff were stationed to screen visitors & patients &......

several temporary counters were set up to advise those with doubts or queries.

personally, i feel that this is just a token effort. short of measuring everyone's temperature, like how they do it at airports, which itself is a logistic nightmare, a lot of people with a slight temperature are going to get pass. besides, those in the early stages of the flu may not have a fever but may be infectious.

so what should we do?

totally avoiding unknown infected persons is impossible, unless you lock yourself in till the storm blows over. i would stay away from enclosed spaces as much as possible, like elevators, cinemas & airplanes, but having to go to hospital at least 6 days a week would negate all that.

the jury on the effectiveness of immunisation with the H1N1 flu vaccine is still out as rapid mutation of the virus may make that particular vaccine useless. virus resistance to medication like tamiflu has rendered this treatment option doubtful at best.

so where does this leave us then?

i guess it's back to basics then, & that is to maintain a healthy lifestyle - eat balanced meals, drink plenty of fluids, exercise regularly & have enough rest.

and pray for divine intervention.

This I declare about the Lord:
He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;
he is my God, and I trust him.
For he will rescue you from every trap
and protect you from deadly disease.
psalms 91:2,3


iml said...

Over here, it's the same. Strong feeling that this is here to stay like the common flu.

doc said...


maybe not so in s'pore because of the small population & generally good health standards, but in china & vietnam, avian flu still persisis.

Adino said...

It seems to me that this time round, the 'outbreak' is being handled much more pro-actively. The wide publicity really helps. Just hope that this flu will run out its course soon.

doc said...


even though new cases seemed to have decreased, WHO DG Margaret Chan recently warned of a "second wave" which may catch everyone unprepared.

i don't think the worse is over. the epidemic will run its course, no doubt, but at what cost?

take care.

just me said...

Amen to psalms 91. My spirit was quickened to read that to the whole congregation on Sunday, after the elder shared about these "disease" days we are living in.

But I reminded them of verses 1, 9 and 14. These are the conditions.

doc said...

Just me,

i shared this in our prayer meeting tonite & it struck a reassuring note.
after all, it's a psalm, isn't it?