Saturday, November 28, 2009

free medical check-up?

i just received a strange call 5 mins ago. someone from Pantai Medical Centre in bangsar called to ask if i'm interested in a free no-obligation check-up tomorrow, sunday 29th nov.

i imagined she was red-faced when i told her i myself could give her a free no-obligation medical. heh, heh! she did apologise profusely & admitted that she got my name & number from an outsourcing company.

anyway, i asked if i could refer some people who might be interested in her offer & she readily agreed. so if you're in the KL/PJ area, call Shy (that's her name & she spoke with a strange accent) at 012-2617290 from the Preventive Health Centre at PMC.
if you call now, she might be able to arrange for tomorrow. if not, there will be further sessions next week.

as a disclaimer, i can't tell for sure if this is a truly genuine offer or if it's conditional, or even a sales gimmick, but call to find out for yourself.

good health to all!!


suituapui said...

Gosh! Times are hard! Even the money-churning medical centres have to resort to such gimmicks now?

TZ said...

I received this kind of call too... I'm not sure how genuine but i don't really believe coz PMC is famous for its expensive medical fees...

wenn said...

just to lure u there..then get u to buy their stuff..

Michelle Mak said...

they was having it though...if i am not too wrong..
cause i passed by the hall this morning during my break...but wasnt too kay poh to go see..cause was more interested with food tat time..haha

doc said...


maybe the medical check is only for blood pressure & some urine tests. the rest you may have to pay.

or, it could truly be a special christmas offer!!

doc said...


nah, the private med ctrs will never give a lot for free - maybe just some basic tests. but rest assured, they will promote some other products as well.

doc said...


that's what i thought, too - just give a few minor checks & make you pay for the rest!!

doc said...

Mich, too bad you didn't check it out - at least you can confirm or dispel our suspicions.

Michelle Mak said...

aiyo too busy to see ur updates.. after off hour i will hit the sack..too tired..
if i had see ur blog probably i will go check it out

but still food come first.. :P