Monday, September 13, 2010

school break

like most parents, i always look forward to the school holidays because that's when the girl is back home. unlike the last school break in june when i had been quite busy, this time, maybe because of the combined effect of the chinese ghost month & the muslim fasting month, i had more free time with her. she has done quite well in her chemistry paper &, over another ice-blended coffee, she confessed that she may want to take up chemical engineering now, a far cry from her previous career choice. read here

but i don't think it was the chemistry result that prompted her towards this new ambition. her friend who lives in the neighbourhood scored straight As in the recent A-level exams & has gone to the univ of california in berkeley to do chemical engineering. & my daughter has made it her life ambition to study in an overseas varsity. (i tried to reason with her that singapore can be considered "overseas" but she's not buying that - too stressful, she says), what do they know???

the new school term starts today & i shall miss her much.

*she doesn't read my blog, so i can safely reveal here one of her many weaknesses -  she often shares her deepest secrets over ice-blended coffee, which means CB & SB will be assured of my patronage for many years to come!!**


iml said...

She is still young. Still at the decision stage.

ilene said...

hahaha...CB & SB should thank you for this!

This crossroad is indeed a very difficult one to choose from. If she feels happy in making the choice, she'll then be able to excel in the chosen field. No worries! Most importantly is not to let them pursue something which they're not happy with.

DOC, looks like you've got to let her spread her wings a little bit further! :)

Medie007 said...

i thought it's a great choice... been so many laments about doing medicine and the future of medical personnel in our country. that's if she wants to practice here. :)

Unicorn Girl said...

I was like her too once upon a time. First I thought I make a good lawyer , then ended being a banker and now I regret not being a teacher
very unpredictable :)

reanaclaire said...

Studying Overseas for my almost impossible for me.. for my case, i used to tell them from young.. either they get scholarship if they want to go overseas, otherwise have to remain here.. :(

doc said...


true, & i'm certain she'll change her mind a lot more times before finally settling on one.

even for me, i made up my mind only after the HSC results were out.

doc said...


yes, it's still early days yet for making a career choice. we're trying to let her go bit by bit. saying so, the wife wasn't entirely happy to let her go so soon.

i'm still waiting for CB/SB to offer me a discount card!

doc said...


i think she has made up her mind to study overseas, & most likely stay there as well.

i'm sure you'll also realise from personal experience that opportunities to excel in medicine is getting few & far in-between.

doc said...


it's true that teachers are a bunch of unsung heroes (& heroines) & it's the system that impedes the growth of dedicated teachers.

yeah, i almost became a teacher...

doc said...


that was true for me as well, so i ended up studying locally, but this generation expects more, esp if one has the means.

Yvonne Foong said...

Aw doc... let her go to the states. There are many ways to doing it. I have a schoolmate who was determined to do Computer Engineering. After his SPM, he took the SATs until he got the desired grades (within a year) and secured a scholarship to study at Carniegie Mellon University - one of the top ten engineering school.

He graduated two years ago and now working for Oracle.

If I didn't have NF, I would also devote my time entirely to pursue education abroad.

Mei Teng said...

I also look forward to school breaks. The longer the break, the better. Know why? No traffic jams! :)

doc said...


the girl has not seriously considered US, perhaps because it's just too far away; otherwise, yes, SAT is the way to go.

ah, carniegie mellon - it's more famous now because of randy pausch.

doc said...

Mei Teng,

true, KL is relatively deserted during long festive holidays, but not so for JB, Malacca or Penang.

Yvonne Foong said...

Oh, sorry. I thought she wanted to go to the U.S. like her friend who went to UC Berkeley.

I've just read the other post too. Haha. She may still comtemplate further while she does her A levels or it's equivalent.

Randy Pausch? Yes, he sure has made the uni famous over the last two years!

anastasia said...

I agree with the daughter. That Singapore is not considered overseas. ;)
Let her go, see the world, the culture, the men. It'll be a good experience for her.

(and I am told, increasingly often, that Unis in Sg are, indeed, stressful. And different from other countries due to the nature of the Sg education system)

doc said...


she just want to study overseas - anywhere with a reknown reputation will do.

which is not a bad thing - at least, she still wants to study.

doc said...


the men, huh?

i kinda expected that from you.


carr0ts said...

come to europe! :D i agree that sg unis are too stressful and with all the workload, there isn't time left to be "educated", in the real sense.

an overseas education is really not overrated; one is truly changed much in a way that few other experiences can offer. and i'm sure your daughter will be one who appreciates it. all the best!

doc said...


thanks for your comment.

she has not wavered from her intent to study overseas, & as her father, i should allow her to achieve her full potential in an environment that she's comfortable with.