Wednesday, September 15, 2010

presumably, another one less datuk?

seriously, i don't really know the true function of the council of datuks. presumably, one role is that they vet through possible candidates for the next round of awards, which they don't seemed to be doing a good job of, given the current spew of events where datuks have been deemed to have screwed up not carried themselves with decorum.

after the PKFZ fiasco, where 2 selangor datuks have been instructed not to use their respective honorifics, presumably the council will now be very busy recommending the revoking of these awards, since one of them has been implicated in the brutal murder of a millionaire.

presumably, the bar council will have to do likewise.

another one bites the dust.

but life goes on much the same for most of us, even as another one is alleged to have tried to bribe a sultan with hari raya goodies.


eugene said...

Ya, life goes one as much as the same for i am not a Datuk,, hahaha.

hey, you have a good holiday.

Malaysia Day 916, let us pray that it will be truly a Malaysia day in a day to come.

take care now and God Bless

reanaclaire said...

I havent been reading much news lately but i heard a lot from my friends.. it was horrific.. wonder what else is new in Malaysia.. sigh..

missyc said...

My two doctors are Datuks but I addressed them as Doc/Prof & they don't seem to mind :D My husband longtime ex-classmate childhood friend is one datuk lawyer, he does not abuse his title.

I guess its a few BLACKSHEEPS which taints the whole lot of them. Once someone said if you throw a stone in a certain state, chances are the stone will twang..twang..twang..a few datuks !

doc said...


yes, for most of us mere mortals who try to make an honest day's living, life goes on without much fanfare.

happy holiday.

doc said...


the worse is yet to come.

but we have hope in salvation by the blood of Christ.


doc said...


seems like these days, the good ones are few & far in-between.

Loshini said...

Timely post, doc

doc said...



as it turned out, the lawyer accused of murder is not a real datuk after all!!