Wednesday, September 22, 2010

still paranoid?

i posted recently about owning special vehicle number plates.

"Car registration plates bearing ‘MCA’ can’t be reserved", says today's Star.

i can't imagine that it's really true - people actually want to have a MCA plate because they are a member.

i mean, it's not like you've done overall great service to the community.

it's not like you've greatly improved the general living conditions of the people. 

it's not like you've gotten to the bottom of possibly the biggest scandal the country ever faced, with some of your senior members allegedly implicated.

& it's not like your president has a squeaky clean image.

so, if i were a malaccan, & i want a new vehicle now, i would:

1) retain my old number plate, or
2) register the vehicle in another state.

is it not a possibility, however remote, that in a moment of anger & madness, people would scratch or hurl stones at such vehicles?

or, again, am i just paranoid?


Unicorn Girl said...

The silly things that people do with money...ssshhhhh.....

Yvonne Foong said...

Haha...! If I am a member of MCA, I wouldn't want my number plate to begin with MCA because what if I quit the party?

I suppose some people still equate allegence to MCA as having special status in society.

missyc said...

MCA = Male Chauvinist A...hole (says my other half)

doc > no need to publish this ok !! just for laughs.

Mei Teng said...

I don't believe in reserving car number plates and I won't pay through the nose just to get some special digits.

reanaclaire said...

yes..i agree with yvonne.. i wouldnt want to have a MCA number plate.. i love my own perak plate.. starting with A.. :)

doc said...


some would pay a minimum of about rm200 for a personal number, but i baulk at the idea of forking out tens of thousands for single or double digit numbers.

doc said...


it seems like allegiance knows no limits!!

doc said...

Mei Teng,

however, some people do have deep pockets.

doc said...


yes, i do remember several years ago when the ADA plate was much anticipated.

fishtail said...

Imagine now cars with MCA number plates. Then we'll soon have cars with MIC plates, followed by UMNO plates? Later, we'll have plates starting with DAP, GERAK, PKR, and even PERK (for you know who).

doc said...


actually no need to imagine because MCA plates are sure to issued soon.

besides, DAP & PAS has already been issued by the respective states, but i don't remember if there was any hoo-ha about it.

MIC will never happen because the letter "I" (or "O" for that matter) has ever been issued as it may be confused with the number 0(or "1" in the case of I)