Friday, April 29, 2011

don't be

don't be fat.

ok, if you can't help being tubby, at least don't smoke.

ok, ok, if you weigh 108kg & smoke 3 packets of ciggies a day, at least stay away from doctors.

unfortunately, if you're obese & you smoke like a chimney, you're most likely to develop diabetes, hypertension and/or high cholesterol, & then you CAN'T avoid doctors.

and, if you have to undergo difficult abdominal surgery, your recovery is very likely to follow a stormy course.

Mr G is such a person. he had to spend one day in ICU hooked up to a ventilaor after surgery, because he couldn't breathe, when most people would have just breezed through.

he's only 45. i dread to think what he'd be like in 10 years if he didn't change his life style!


wenn said...

i dislike people who smoke.

doc said...


we all do, but what would you do in someone was smoking & then entered your shop?

Yvonne Foong said...

Doctors and healthcare professionals are supposed to be advocates of health so it is your duty to educate Mr. G. Heh Heh...

Nah, I'm just cajoling you.

I guess people who are not concerned bout their health will develop everything. It's like a package.

doc said...


i'v laid the cards on the table, so to speak. it's up to Mr G how he wants to play his hand.

he could fold up, in which case he cuts his losses, or he could raise the stakes, in which case the consequences will be dire.

it's his call.

Medie007 said...

most of the time, they lie.

"uncle, have you ever smoked?"

"noooo... i stopped already..."

"really? when did you stop?"

"2 years already."

"I see... so how many sticks do you smoke before that?"

"hehe... very few la... maybe two pack like that."

"in one day?"


"since how long ago?"

"can't remember."

erm. okay.

Hello Kitty said...

Stay away from the doctor? They should stay away from the workplace, the parks, shops, the restaurants ... any public place in fact!

If someone was smoking and walks into my shop (or my office), I will tell the person off! Oppps, not if the person is my boss. But I think I will start looking for another job if it's a daily occurence.

Mr G shd consider himself lucky getting the early warnings and surving the whole thing.

doc said...


well said!

and most times, they don't look you in the eye when they answer!

doc said...


Mr G's family, having seen him struggled while on the ventilator, is glad he has recovered fully. i still wonder if he himself realised how much danger he was in.

Unicorn Girl said...

I'm very positive that doctors have tried the reverse psychology technic - rite ? Still doesn't work - then just let him count his own days.

Michelle Mak said...

life is theirs.. choice is theirs...
no matter how much we say... no matter how much we tell them no...
if they cant be bothered why we bother? life is theirs... they decide wat they want.. and at the end of the day they suffer...

some patients are just being.. siggh *speechless*

doc said...


i didn't mince my words - told him frankly he got away this time but if he doesn't change his life style, the next time he may not be fortunate.

doc said...


this is his 1st time, so i need to tell him the true situation of his health. the rest is up to him.