Thursday, April 28, 2011

migration to new zealand

when we vacationed in NZ last year, the whole family thought aloud in the same wavelength - fresh air, fresh milk, fresh lamb & lots of space. if you disregard the occasional tremor, it is a very liveable place. truth be told, we did toy around with the idea of migration.

but looks like 10 malaysians beat us to it....(read here)

apparently, in NZ, when you are caught for a drug-related offence, you are not executed like in some unciviilsed countries (see, another reason to move to a country where you actually live longer!) but granted permanent residence with free food & a place to stay, albeit behind bars. hmmm....think of the lamb shanks, fresh strawberries & local wine you'd be served!

actually, these drug mules give other bona fide travellers a bad name. don't be surprised if the immigration & custom officers give you a dirty look when you next visit.

ditto heathrow airport.

in the mean time, our NZ dreams remain just that.



HappySurfer said...

I suppose Auckland is safer than the South Island in terms of earthquakes.

Reanaclaire said...

If only I could.. I would.. regardless of the earthquake scare..

Unicorn Girl said...

Doc - u should not let mini issues such as these to deter your aims & intentions . I can understand that one bad apple spoils the whole tree but that does not mean that all apples in the tree is rotten......rite?
Am I making any sense ?!

doc said...


my friend who resides there says its common to feel the occasional tremor.

doc said...


a lot of people would think like you.

doc said...


nah....i wasn't deterred at all. it's just that other travellers will now be subjected to unnecessary close scrutiny.

Yvonne Foong said...

I'm glad to be born ethnic chinese so I cannot be immediately related to Malaysia, the muslim country. LOL!

doc said...


we are a secular nation, according to the constitution. it was later misintepreted for political expedience.

Yvonne Foong said...

Reallt? I didn't know we are defined as a secular nation according to the constitution!

doc said...


secular nation with Islam as main religion & others free to practise respective religion.

Bengbeng said...

for a moment i tot u were seriously considering migrating :)

doc said...



nah.....i my country too much!


zewt said...

forget NZ... think Aussie... :)

doc said...