Sunday, May 15, 2011

friday, may 13

because the boy's birthday falls on exam week, we decided to celebrate it on friday, after CG. his sunday school buddies were invited & to him, that's all that matters.

in fact, because he has only one much older sibling & few cousins, none of whom live nearby, his friends mean a lot to him. as parents, we try to provide him opportunities to fellowship & give him a sense of belonging outside of family ties.
and for one day a year, he is the centre of attention. who doesn't relish that?

& he gets the applause appropriate to the occasion....

for a child, all innocent & impressionable, what can bring more happiness to the birthday event than to have fun & share a meal with his peers.

i never knew the trauma of may 13, 1969. i only read about it. but we are all grateful that on this particular friday, we celebrate another year added to the boy's life & pray that we in malaysia continue to live in relative peace & harmony.

even as some irresponsible bloggers & press media try to fan the flames of racial & religious discontent.


Adino said...

Looks like he had a lot of fun! For May 13, we can only listen to stories told to us by our elders.

Cara Lim a.k.a Andrea Wh@tever said...

Happy Birthday to the young man. May The Good Lord continue to bless him abundantly and keep him in His tender loving care.

Enjoy him while you can, Doc. Before long, he'll be asking for your car keys to bring his gf out for a date *smirks*

wenn said...

so much fun for those kids!

doc said...


kids should have a life away from school, homework & tuition!!

may 13 was a black mark in the nation's history but some are bent on resurrecting it.

doc said...


thanks. it would be interesting to find out what sort of girls he would date.

doc said...


a child should have a happy time growing up.

Yvonne Foong said...

I only fan the fire of discontent with our public healthcare system. I hope you don't get a job in public service anytime soon or you are going to call me irresponsible. :P

Say, so you decided to celebrate the boy's birthday after all?

You know why some bloggers camwhore? To become popular? Looks like you are also going to be popular as a daddy blogger. :P

doc said...


que sera sera, whatever will be, will be!

the boy's been looking forward to having his birthday do, as if it's an annual ritual. as you can see from the pictures, he's happy as a lark & it did give him a sense of belonging.

ha ha, camwhoring? NO.....! besides, no one seeking popularity will blog anonymously.

Yvonne Foong said...

Yes, I remember now. My childhood. We may seem like we are enjoying everyday in the eyes of adults. But to us, we are not as happy as we may seem. Our true joy is in being the center of attention on our birthday, even if we have to plan it ourselves. Birthday celebrations give us some sense of self-worth.

doc said...


now you know why, lacking siblings & cousins, the boy looks forward very much to his special day.

can we, his parents, deny him his day in the sun?

Yvonne Foong said...

You can but you will feel bad. :D

doc said...


so i can safely say that, as long as he is still staying with us, God willing, he will have his annual ritual without fail.