Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a new world order

the miss universe pageants are more often than not won by fair maidens from the americas or europe. this year, miss angola (where?) won it.

the world no.1 in men's tennis has been traditionally an american, swede, german, spaniard or swiss. this year, it's a serbian. (where?)

the men's sprint king(s) are usually americans. this year, the jamaicans are the stars.

the F1 has been dominated previously by ferrari, mclaren or mercedes but not anymore. red bull is actually a drink.

the world, encompassing sports & politics, is evolving. people from lesser known countries are gaining prominence. is it in the genes, diet, upbringing, training methods, political systems or climate that determines winners?

the only malaysian sports personality that has consistently gain international attention (for the right reasons, mind you!) is nicole david, & to a certain extent, lee chong wei. after millions poured into sports by the govt plus mega-bucks private sponsors, what has our sportsmen/women achieved on the global arena?

doubles pair koo kien keat-tan boon heong says it all. after 5 years, they have chosen to part company with coach rexy manaiky. when you have an illustrious ex-world champion as coach, & you chose to train under an unknown to revive your flagging careers, you know you're done & toasted. (read here) better hang up your rackets and/or have your heads examined than embarass the country.

perhaps i wrote in haste. after all, who would have thought miss angola could be miss universe & a serb could be triple grand slam winner?

and, america never had a afro-american as president until recently. in the same vein, is it possible USA can win the rugby world cup currently playing in auckland? after all, how much different is american football?

well, let's see if koo-tan could be part of a new world order.


pilocarpine said...

perhaps Lim GE will be next PM?

SOO [¥] said...

@pilocarpine: wow, i know you dr LKP. i was also from SXI and i remember last seeing you in UM 10 yrs ago when yen hun sung came to visit :)

@doc: serbian is oso european like swiss, german, etc, so not very surprising la.

doc said...


much as i'd like m'sia to see beyond the racial boundaries, we are just not ready for a non-malay PM.

doc said...


serbia didn't exist as an independent country till the break-up of yugoslavia. since i can't recall any famous yugoslav sportsmen, i wonder if djokovic would have risen to what he is today had the old country not been ravaged by civil war.

Alv0808 said...

It is a time for the less expected country and race to take turn..lol

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Cara Lim said...

Reminds me of Bob Dylan's For the times they are a-changin'.

Unfortunately. some folks just dun like change at all. It rocks their world. But change will come. For the world is now flatter than ever before.

Howzit been goin', Doc? Hope that all is well.

doc said...


yeah, it's time for the opposition...er...i meant, underdogs to win!

doc said...


glad to have you back!

in a recent episode of Grey's Anatomy, i learnt that the only constant in the world is "change."

life's been good - i wish that for you, too.