Monday, September 19, 2011

safety on the highway

Q: what do you do when you are involved in a minor accident on the highway?

A : once the car is "safely" parked on the hard shoulder, get everyone out & stay clear of the car!!

this guy had a minor accident on the NSE, & as he was trying to retrieve something from the boot of the car, a van hit him.

he's very fortunate to be still alive, except for a disfigured face & badly broken leg.

total duration of surgery =  5 hours

future procedure = at least one more surgery, on the foot

time before he can walk unaided =  3 months +

estimated hospital bill = currently RM20K+

good thing he has insurance cover!

PS. i personally don't think the hard shoulder is a safe place to park. if i had a puncture on the highway, my safest option is to get the PLUS guys to change tyres for me.


Birthmark said...

Someone tried to push a stalled car to a petrol station some distance away. He was hit by a lorry, and it never stop. The last time we seen him is at the funeral.

This someone was a high school mate.

Never, ever stay at the shoulder.

stay-at-home mum said...

over on this side of the causeway, there have been a few deaths resulting from accidents like you described. I guess when your time is up, its up!

SOO [¥] said...

poor guy,i feel so sorry for him. hope he gets well soon :(

Yvonne Foong said...

He stopped in the middle of the highway?

missyc said...

try standing at any road shoulder including residential area, you will be amazed at the misbehaviour & attitude of some people behind the wheels. this guy was unfortunate yet lucky to be alive, who was at fault, him or the van driver ?

doc said...


i guess one is tempted to do that; after all, there's more space at the petrol station to check the car.

sorry to hear about your friend.

doc said...


you must an avid fan of Final Destination, but i agree, our time is predestined.

doc said...


he'll get well, but not so soon.

doc said...


no, he stopped by the hard shoulder. well, that's where he should park the car anywway but in m'sia, drivers are fond of flouting rules by driving ON the hard shoulder, eg. to cut queue.

doc said...


he did no wrong because that's where stalled cars are supposed to be parked. it's just that the van shouldn't be travelling on the hard shoulder, thus flouting traffic rules.

Yvonne Foong said...

I hope the van driver can be held responsible! Or did he run off?

doc said...


sorry, i have no idea what became of the van driver.