Friday, October 26, 2012

channeling excesses

much has been read, written, argued, debated & deliberated on the issue of the infamous sex blog by a couple of  malaysian students in singapore. so much vigour, passion, creativity & free spirit - all  exhibited in a manner that earned outbursts & disdain  from the general public.

nobody knows why they didn't channel their energy positively. doesn't have to be a discovery that changes the world or breaking of a sports record - even something as mundane as swimming across the english channel (pun unintended) would have sort of made the nation proud.

or, like PSY, a singer/songwriter/dancer relatively unknown outside of his native south korea & who wrote a song out of nowhere & choreographed a dance that took the world by storm. admittedly, he may have displaced UN sec-gen ban ki-moon as the south korean with the most world-wide appeal.
imagine what a malaysian can achive on a UN platform?

*image from reuters*


Robinn T said...

plenty i guess? maybe I should make a revamp in our agricultural sector, if I have the assets.

doc said...


assets? i thought everything starts with an idea - an inspiration?

SOO [¥] said...

And ASEAN scholar who is supposedly brainy enough to study law in NUS but yet stupid enough to do such thing.... is strange. Apparently he had been on leave of absence, for the past one year, so maybe he has some personal or family problems that we don't know about.

doc said...


he is obviously not stupid from the academic perspective; it's just that he's decided to set his own rules which largely run counter to current world views.

Yan said...

Incidentally, I have just completed my Sunday piece on the same couple, but on how media helps them to achieve their "dream" to become household name! (I am not guilty of course)

doc said...


i'm sure you were impartial in your evaluation of the situation. look forward to reading it.