Wednesday, October 31, 2012

sold out?

some say it's a sell-out when George Lucas pushed off Lucasfilm, which includes the Star Wars & Indiana Jones franchises, to Disney for USD4b. Disney then announced that Episode VII would be released in 2015.

i think i'm ok with that... long as mickey, minnie or goofy don't make cameo appearances.

can america take this and superstorm sandy at the same time??

**image from yahoo news**


The thumb in every pie said...

BLEHHHH!!! USD4bn is alot of $$$ to recoup for a decent ROI, so you can imagine what is in store for a Disney made Star Wars movie. tsk!tsk!

Here. Knock yourself out:

doc said...


i guess it'll never be the same now, even if Lucas remains as creative consultant.

thks for the link.

Soo said...

George Lucas is already 68 y. o, so he may very well do as he pleased.

stay-at-home mum said...

Take a look at this

doc said...


he's always been calling the shots anyway.

doc said...


thks for the link. i bet there's a smile behind that mask as he took the rides.