Wednesday, October 03, 2012

quote unquote

people (politicians don't fall into this category!!) generally don't like to be quoted for fear that they may be misinterpreted or misunderstood. when that happens to politicians, they famously stress that they have been quoted out of context.

my blog friend Yan asked me recently if she could quote me in an article she's writing for the borneo post (read here), to which i gleefully  enthusiastically  bashfully agreed.

suddenly, for a brief moment, i felt like a celebrity, being pursued by journalists & hounded by paparazzis, & much sought after for opinions that may change the world. a mover & a shaker, so to speak.

thanks, Yan, for my 2-second worth of fame.


stay-at-home mum said...

Alamak, she forgot to give your name!!

The thumb in every pie said...

I fully agree with SAHM :))

Can we have a reprint please?

doc said...


that was the condition set for quoting me, that i remain nameless.

doc said...


it was from my posting here:

pilocarpine said...

Yup.. I still dunno ur real identity. Maybe one day we'll meet up and not have known we already 'met' before in the blogosphere.

doc said...


that's possible. i was at a conference last weekend & managed to bump into 2 people on my FB list whom i've never met before.

since we're in different disciplines, i think the most likely event we're likely to meet would be the annual s'pore-m'sia congress of medicine.

or else, i'll just sms you when i'm next in KL.

Yvonne Foong said...

wahahaha! I knew your real identity and where you work! I sent books to your office before. But alas I didn't record those details down. So you are still anonymous to me. Cheh... Otherwise, one wonders how much $$$ one can blackmail a doctor for. *grin*

doc said...


1) one good turn deserves another;
2) you can't blackmail if there's no wrong done;
3) blackmailing is a crime, and
4) let sleeping dogs lie.

fibrate said...

So you're the "doctor friend"! Anyone wants a doctor friend too? I could use a small moment of fame myself ;) :)

doc said...


it's useful to have friends in high place, ha ha!

btw, i consider you a doctor friend as well!