Sunday, March 15, 2015

makanan sampingan

those were the exact words the patient replied with when i asked her if she was having a late dinner. it's the local phrase for a supplementary meal.

admitted for a nose procedure the next day, she was eating fried mee with fried chicken when i dropped in on her at 9pm. having had dinner just 3 hrs before & now, another full portioned fried meal? i'd suppose that's common practice in this age of 24-hour fast-food restaurants & mamak shops.

still, she ought to exercise (pun intended) caution considering that she's only 22 years of age & already weighing 99kgs.

there must be some truth in a recent print report that Malaysia is the most obese nation in the region. furthermore, a case is being brought up at the European Court of Justice to consider obesity as a disablility. the implication for employers is that they may have to treat overweight employees better & even provide support, be it psychological or medical.

we may not be far behind this.


mun said...

I am not familiar with this "makan sampingan" term. The more one eat, the more one will need to eat next time. This is what I believe so I always eat a small meal each time.

stay-at-home mum said...

A disability which is sometimes self induced because we can try to control ourselves to not reach that stage! (unless it is due to some medical condition).

doc said...


it's all about self-discipline.

this patient is still young, so she doesn't feel the adverse effects of obesity yet, but if she keeps this up till mid-life, the multiple effects of hypertension, diabetes & high cholesterol will manifest, & it may be too late then.

doc said...


for some, it's easier to eat than not to.

yes, overeating can also be a result of hormone imbalances or a disorder within the brain.