Friday, March 06, 2015

passing the torch

my senior in med school passed away recently while on a family vacation. he was in coma for a few days prior to that & it was an uncanny coincidence that on the day of his passing, his son was supposed to start year 1 in med school!!

i remember him well as a jovial fun-loving guy because we stayed in the same hostel for a year. we never met again after graduation 30 years ago & i only knew about his passing because his son & my daughter are classmates now.

it's almost like his demise was timed perfectly to coincide with his son's start in his medical career. i am certain, in this twist of fate, he will carry the torch his late dad proudly displayed all these years.

my friend TJ, may your soul rest in peace.


mun said...

What a loss to the medical community! You must be very sad to hear about his passing.

doc said...


I am also sad for his son.