Monday, March 16, 2015

the pilot light & the hypocrite

we are having a demo machine in OT to be appraised for possible purchase.

the briefing on the operation of this machine was given by the vendor some days back & we're taking turns to use & get familiar with it.

i noticed this white light (arrow) on the right side of the machine...

i thought it was the pilot light, which is normally switched on when the main OT lights are switched off during certain procedures. we weren't doing any of those procedures, so i proceeded to switch it off.

the machine suddenly stopped & the screen went blank. as it turned out, what i thought was the pilot light was actually the power on-off button. good thing the vendor was present & she immediately pressed the button again & the machine came to life. phew!

i've often chastised my assistants that they shouldn't do things if they are not sure how or when they should be done & to ask 1st if unfamiliar with the procedures.

looks like i should heed that advice myself. after all, when you point one finger at someone, three other fingers are pointed back at you.

i bowed my head in shame.


mun said...

I am very scared to press any unknown buttons on any machines for fear of unknown consequences. Good thing that it was just a demo machine so no harm done in your case.

doc said...


sometimes, I get itchy fingers!