Monday, August 25, 2008

the Curve

when i take the family to KL on weekends, i'd like to get there by 11am latest, so i don't have to queue too long for parking at the mall. but this time, we're at the Curve at 12.15pm & there's already quite heavy traffic heading into the common entrance for Ikea/Curve/Tesco. oh oh, i thought, it's going to be one of those KL days.

but as we entered the Curve's parking lot, we were pleasantly surprised that there was still ample vacant lots. (we did find out later that it was cheaper to park at Ikea or Tesco)

no matter, it's always reassuring to have a good start to the day. 1st things 1st - lunch. Little Penang Cafe was a no-brainer - we haven't gone back to Penang this year yet & anywhere that served decent fare would win hands-down. the curry laksa was top-notch & the sambal that came with it was superb. the cendol was only so-so.

Borders are having a buy-1/free-1 sale & it didn't take long for me to make my choice.

i had Ten Commandments in laser disc format but that remained stacked in the cupboard when the player broke down & they don't make LD players anymore. & why King Authur? simply because it's produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, & i've always had a soft spot for Sir Lancelot.

i know these are difficult times, but 2 classics in original DVD for under RM70 was just too much to miss. & because i owed my daughter a treat, we had dinner at TGIF to round off a timely family day-out.


iml said...

Was there during the June holidays as my brother is staying within walking distance. Enjoy strolling along the pasar malam in the evening. On of the few malls that has an open concept and well maintained.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys had fun!


doc said...


actually, that was our 1st time at the Curve & now that you've mentioned it, yes, it felt less compact than, say, 1-utama.

doc said...


yes, we did!


Anonymous said...

Ah... the Borders sale... Bought myself a book that I've always wanted (Shame) for a small discount; and two original VCDs that I always wanted (Atonement and Elizabeth)for SGD6 each (eheh... have to convert to make it sound more worth it)
Too much temptation there... waaaaaay too much. The only thing that stopped me from buying more, and I mean this literally, I ran out of ringgit...

doc said...


yeah, too many tempting buys. i was limited by a self-imposed austerity drive - or else i would have also bought 4 weddings & a funeral, notting hill, spiderman 3, the edge....the list goes on.

Yan said...

Was at the Borders at the Gardens on Monday. Got a book. God one each from MPH and Kinokuniya the next day. That was a good harvest for a business trip!

Actually, the other two books are also available at Borders. But it was a real struggle to put them back to the shelf!

Books, books, books - eating into my budget, really!

Thinking whether I should stop reading!

just me said...

Your post reminds me..I owe myself a treat

doc said...


NEVER ever think of not reading! how else are you going to keep your mind fed & active?

not reading is like retiring from work - it goes downhill after that!

doc said...

Just Me,

yeah, go ahead - give yourself a big fat treat. we all deserve one once in a while.