Monday, August 18, 2008

main-stream media

verb - to mislead by a false appearance or statement; delude:

so, we didn't win our 1st olympic gold over the weekend. although Chong Wei put up a gallant fight, he was simply outclassed by Lin Dan.

this photo was taken from today's Star Online:

with this caption:

as i watched the action live on astro, i was certain Lin Dan was saluting to the crowd. in fact, he repeated the salutation to several sections of the crowd. at best, this report is a
careless misintepretation & at worst, a blatant deception.

no wonder people are turning away from main-stream media for true & reliable news.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, our athletes are not up-to-par w/the other world class athletes. Of course it was nice to see him in the finals but it was quite a disappointment when he lost to Lin Dan.

zewt said...

absolutely blatant deception... lin dan was saluting the crowd... the MSM never fails to amaze us all.

Chen said...

Yeah, Lin Dan is saluting to the crowds

doc said...


most of our athletes are not consistent enough to be world-beaters, except for Nicol David.

doc said...


i presume you are also an avid reader of the independent press & blogs.

doc said...


even that was obvious from the photo!!

iml said...

Yes,I remember seeing this on screen. Him, saluting to the supporters around him.

doc said...


true, & i can't remember when the last time the victor saluted his opponent.

zewt said...

dont quite get u.

doc said...


i meant that you don't pay too much attention to the usual mainstream newspapers, esp if they are owned by political parties.