Monday, December 01, 2008

just another day?

8.00am : woke up

8.30am : started work. SMSs began to come in.

10.00am : reminded wife to get some ASM units launched

1.00pm : skipped lunch because work needed to be done

6.30pm : back home. wife out at pasar malam. kids watching

7.30pm : went out for dinner

9.30pm : home again.

pretty much an ordinary day, except that in between....

i get this birthday card from the kids....

which opened up to this...

(and the numbers "50" actually popped out)

my daughter used her pizza hut voucher from a school project.....

to buy dinner......

and my wife specially made a trip to Cold Storage so that we can have this for dessert...

maybe, like the beatles proclaimed, love is all you need.... change just another day into a not-so-ordinary one.


Anonymous said...

You're very blessed to have a family that truly loves you, Doc.

May you have a blessed year before your 51st. ;)

Michelle Mak said...

happy birthday!!!
wishing u many many returns ahead!
God bless!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Doc! How sweet of your wife and kids :)

Anonymous said...

oh gosh, it's dec 1st, why do i keep forgetting?
Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday Doc.
I can hear the happiness in your typing. =)

doc said...


May that love keeping me going till my last breath!

Thanks for your kind wish.

doc said...


Thanks & God bless you, too!

doc said...


Thanks. They should be sweet to me 365 days of the year!!! heh, heh!

doc said...


Thanks. How about you make amends with a complimentary frappucino when drop in at your outlet??

I recalled that fluoxitene can play tricks on your memory.

[nah, that's love. ;)]

Yan said...

Well, I am late! Happy belated Birthday.

50 is now new 30 - I want to believe so! So, from one adventure, I move on to another adventure. Now, enjoying the Land Below the Wind - trying to get a little romances of the yesteryears when we came here for honeymoon. I did not do the climb, but I did the canopy walk. To me, it reminds so much of walking by faith! I have reached thus far...


Unknown said...

a little late but happy belated birthday/

8am u wake up? pengsan good life

doc said...


maybe so, but 50 is still 50. somehow, it's easy for me to accept all the changes that come with aging - stiff joints, receding hairline, worsening eyesight, etc, for even the flesh is weak, the Spirit must remain strong. and His Grace is sufficient for me.

doc said...


Thanks. are you called Sibu now??

i can wake you late bcos i conveniently stay near the hospital. only 5 mins drive. & i try to make the best of the life that God has given me.

Bengbeng said...

:) an error . normally i wake up much much earlier. by six i am oledi on the road

doc said...


somehow, i just thought that was you.

well, early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy & wise. that's what i was taught when young & maybe that's why i none of the above.

just me said...

Blessed birthday!

May your blogging continue to "refresh the hearts " ( Philemon 7 ) of your readers

iml said...

Happy belated birthday!!!
Yes, it's love and family that makes something simple so meaningful.

doc said...

Just me,

thanks. did i refresh your heart??

doc said...


thanks. it just occured to me - the family was there the day i was born, thru out my life & will be there on my death-bed as well.

indeed, love is all i need!!

just me said...


Of course? Proverbs 11 v 24

"... he who refreshes others
will himself be refreshed"

doc said...

Just me,

yeah, i want to be the guy who gives freely.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had had a blessed birthday! Happy Belated Birthday!


doc said...