Tuesday, July 21, 2009

queue jumping

it's that time again....the govt has released another 1.6b units of ASM to the public. i still remember the last time the units were sold in april. i walked into the bank at about 10am & had to wait for about an hour before my turn came.

this time, i asked my wife to go around 9am when the bank opened & take a queue number. the crowd this time was bigger & apparently people had already queued up way before it opened. wife's number was #35 & when i went over to the bank at 10.30am, (#22 then attended to) i had to wait another hour before my turn came.

i noted a few things as i waited:
1) people who know people working for the bank get earlier numbers;
2) people will do anything to jump queue, including making friends with others ahead of them with the hope that they may also purchase at the earlier time;
3) as this was a cash transaction, courier bags became the new wallets for keeping wads of currency.

as i told a fellow brother who waited with me, whatever will be, will be, & there're always other opportunities to purchase the units.


AT said...

I think we have a better chance when the IMalaysia RM10 billion is launched.


doc said...

hi Alvin,

sometimes i wonder why the govt launched the sukuk funds, ASM, ASW & soon 1M'sia, not to mention the previous financial packages, all within the last 12 months? have we seen any improvements in infrastructure & services?

since it's guaranteed by the govt, i guess there's no harm putting in a little now & then, to diversify, so to speak.

thks for your comment.