Thursday, July 16, 2009

silver, part 2

16 July, 1984

starry-eyed & full of ideals,

looking forward to new life ahead,

i took the 1st steps, full of zeal,

& people say, i've got it made.

after 5 years toil, to some no big deal,

after countless tests, real & mock,

just to gain that licence to heal,

& the right to be addressed as Doc.

the moment of reckoning is here,

the test of the pie is in the eating,

1st posting, dealt with kids without fear,

but it's the mothers that send me reeling!

2nd posting, faced with diabetes & hypertension,

the 3rd with tummy aches & bowel obstruction,

end of housemanship met with trepidation,

still, it's time for that much-needed promotion.

years fly by & i wonder about my skill,,

hippocates meant it to be a calling to heal,
to the young nurses, it's a licence to thrill,

it could well be a ticket to the next meal.

i thank God for the chance to be,

compassionate, patient & a little wary,

though now a tad blurry-eyed, & quite weary,

but i must trudge on to live out my destiny.

So I saw that there is nothing better for a man than to enjoy his work, because that is his lot
. eccles 3:22

(ha ha, i chuckled at my own feeble attempt to write sentences that rhyme!)


Jonzz said...

Ooo... doc, you're also feeling poetic huh.

Ha ha, it's pretty good but the second last verse a bit off.

doc said...


these milestones that i pass by in life sometimes make me feel a little melancholic.

thanks for the tip - i've already altered it a bit.

ilene said...

A person who writes poetry is called a poet.

A person who treats the sick is called a doctor.

Poet + doctor = PODOC! whahahaha

Your first attempt? Not bad lei! Come, do one up for lawyers!!

msforty5 said...

what's up doc its not mental block,
at your blog, we flock,
tick tock, mr wolf's your clock!
so 1st & last Do No Harm,
just be you Calm & Warm.

doc said...


i don't have the licence to rhyme yet, so i'll stick to being just Doc.

i think you'll have to do one for the lawyers, lest i offend some of my good friends.

doc said...


thanks, but one funny thing about the english language is that some words that have almost the same spelling don't sound similar, eg. harm & warm.

good try!

Anonymous said...

Rhyme or not, it matters NOT;


Finding your calling;


"chasing after the wind" Eccl2v17


mere "toil, anxious striving" v22


"pain and grief" v 23


" at night, mind not resting" v23


" meaningless" v 23


" a man can do nothing better ...
than to find satisfaction in his

work..this is from the hand of God" eccl 2 v 24

Just me

doc said...

Just me,

there is so much we can learn from the wisdom of Solomon, isn't it?

Michelle Mak said...

i am wishing that my silver anniversary for serving the needies will arrive like how urs arrived...hehe :)

doc said...


you'd be 25 years older by then & i don't think you want to miss out on your youth.