Friday, December 18, 2009

hong kong (2)

staying in kowloon means you're never far away from a marketplace where cheap stuff can be purchased if you search hard enough.
i've always wonder why HKers are fascinated with jade?

there's usually a crowd where it is sold. food is also cheaper here.

using the Mass Transit Railway was a piece of cake. even the boy knows how to purchase tickets from the self-service booth...

....& unlike in KL, all the lines are integrated & so you'll never have to exit & walk in the open to another station to change lines. also its passenger info system with litted route indicator is slightly more advanced than s'pore's MRT

if you're an avid fan of HK serials, you know this place often chosen for important meetings, eg. lovers, long-lost relatives & feuding parties.

it's the Avenue of Stars where bronze figurines of the local film industry stand, the most famous being that of Bruce Lee..

...& where palm imprints of movie stars are cast in concrete. idea probably taken from hollywood's Walk of Fame.
you'd never think those posh shopping malls would offer anything cheap. usually not, but try this for a real bargain - a couple of reeboks for just under HKD200 (RM89) a pair.....

according to my brand-conscious daughter, reeboks rank behind adidas & nike, but it didn't matter to me because you can NEVER get it at that price back home. she chosed a pair of skechers herself...
apparently, these cost RM250 back home while she got them here for HKD250.

i'm certain there's one place your regular tour guide would NEVER bring you to, neither would you consider visiting while in HK. how about the Science Museum?

in fact, we thought we'd just spend a couple of hours there to kill some time but it turned out to be a half-day excursion!! FYI, museum entrance fees are waived on wednesdays (normally, HKD25 for adults) & we were fortunate that on that particular week, the museum showcased the works of Nobel laureate Prof Charles Kao, the pioneer for fibreoptics communications. i was personally fascinated by this as well as the other exhibits, taking up 3 floors of the building....

kids have plenty to keep them occupied with activities...

....& mind games.

one dish that is a must-try is the roast goose.

i'm no food connoisseur but it tasted just like duck, except more fleshy with a thicker layer of fat.... .

also don't forget peking duck with the crispy, roasted skin..

you can't say you've been shopping in HK unless you've been to the ladies' market in mongkok. one thing i noticed the moment we step off the MTR station here was the strong police presence...

there were at least 3 patrol cars like this one in the area alone.

it was still crowded when we got there at 9pm & here you CAN bargain without being told off. besides, just walking off is sometimes enough to get you the stuff you want.... these T-shirts at 5 for HKD100 (RM9 each).

next: magic kingdom & why we're all humans


missyc said...

I liked the noodles & roast goose..yummy

Were there before handover to China'97 & last 2007. 1st time ppl were rude & loud. Things have changed.

Jades are treasured by Chinese alot its good for keeps.

At the cruise terminal near Avenue of Stars, the buildings are all connected within and provides shelter during cold months & stormy weather. Its a maze of shops inside.

Experienced typhoon no8 in '97 stranded right in the open seas between HKG/Macau. When we reach ashore, there were notices of Alert, phew close call. Never again, Thank GOD.

You weren't aware of acid attacks? Police yet to catch the culprits.

Now HKG too polluted & full of ppl.

ilene said...

Care to be my tour guide? You explain them so well! :)

wenn said...

ya..MTR was indeed easy to access..we went to Mong Kok but didn't go to the science museum..

reanaclaire said...

2 years ago my kids and i bought a couple of nike in shenzhen for only RM30 a pair.. my sons have been wearing them on and off.. so the tshirs are still selling for 100 for 5? i bought some in lui yan kai.. :p

doc said...


forgot all about the acid attacks while we were there.

people still rude at certain places, & HK will always be full of people.

doc said...



i blog about my travels so others may benefit from our experiences (& not make the same mistakes!!)

doc said...


because of personal gains (or greed??), our MRTs will always be disjointed & inconvenient.

doc said...


even cheaper in shenzhen & you only bought a couple??

the shirts were offered at 4 for HKD100, but the woman increased to 5 when i walked away.

Unicorn Girl said...

Kowloon is sure a nice place but I prefer the food better in Shenzhen ( hope I got the spelling correct ) !

doc said...

Unicorn Girl,

seems like things are cheaper over in Shenzhen, only need to have visa to go over.

zewt said...

did u go to yoong kee for the roast goose?

one thing about shoes... my hardcore runner friends said new balance and asics are the best shoes around in terms of comfort and quality. nike and adidas are just for glamour.

what to do... very into running now :P

dobbs said...

Glad you had an enjoyable time in HK. I have visited several times, but not in the last 20 years so things must have changed somewhat by now!

Blessed Christmas to you and your family :)

JoMel said...

It is the fats that render the goose tastier and tender than the duck. me thinks.

Your boy's Bruce Lee's pose is awesome! haha..

I think I would need to save a lot of money so I can shop my heart out over there!!

doc said...


no, we just ate at the nearest stall when we felt like having goose, & that's causeway bay.

i agree with your friends on NB shoes, but these don't seemed to be popular in HK.

running is good but watch out for your knees.

doc said...


HK's just like s'pore, except less "organised."

blessed christmas to you & our family!

doc said...


thanks, but the boy's just a show-off!! see those cynical eyes in the next pix?

save on the air fares & apartments & voila! you'll have extra for shopping!!

Adino said...

The photo of the goose was really tempting, and thanks for the suggestion to visit the museum on Wednesdays!

doc said...


yeah, definitely meatier than duck.

the Science Museum & History Museum are adjacent to each other & both have free entry on Weds. IMHO, definitely worth the visit, even if have to pay entrance fees.