Thursday, April 15, 2010

home alone

the wife & son has gone away for the weekend church camp, which left me home alone. which also left me to fend for myself at meal times. which is not all bad because i can have food which the wife would never consider as a proper meal.

like a tuna sandwich.

not exactly what you'd find at subway or dave's deli, but still, it's what i want when i want it!!

i'm thinking 2 packs of curry-flavoured maggi mee for dinner tomorrow!! (slurp!)

all this free time has also given me a chance to test-drive a few prospects - now it's down to just a civic, altis or sylphy.

any tips, anyone??


iml said...

Enjoy the solitude while it last.

Yan said...

No tips, but tell me what you buy, and I shall also buy. The three that you have chosen are all in my list of choice too! He..he.. Very difficult to decide, indeed.

eugene said...

enjoy your bachelorhood once again albeit the short one, hahahah.

anyway, out of three, i would go for slypie, a friend of mine let me used it for few days, man it was spacious... bet you wil like it, moreover the interest rate is currrenly locked at 1.98 .... berboloi lah

reanaclaire said...

Wah..u really sound like that Macaulay guy... he screamed for joy when he was home alone.. hahhaa..

Adino said...

Woohoo! Freedom! But I think you will start to miss them in 1 or 2 days :)

Civic looks sportier and cooler!

ilene said...

Hey there Mr Bachelor! I hope your wife won't find a messy house upon her return!

Civic = cool!
Altis = a bit 'old fashioned' like!
Sylphy = difficult to pronounce & sound like a disease! whahaha...

Mei Teng said...

You don't cook? Would be nice to try out recipes of your liking.

Happy weekend! :)

Loshini said...

Wow doc. You're having the meals of a student! Lol... You might end up missing your wife's meals by Monday :)

Unicorn Girl said...

what about guys night out :) ?

missyc said...

civic best choice ; altis - toyota too many recalls of late so happy test driving

doc, if must eat maggi pls add veg + egg for a balanced meal, fyi I always insist hubby discard water to boil noodle & boil fresh one for soup it taste better

doc said...


such blissful peace, the likes of which i've not experienced for months!

doc said...


yes, the 3 have almost the same specs & price.

i would think the dealer that gives the best trade-in & HP interest will get the sale.

doc said...


you are right - it's engine is very responsive compared to the altis & tan chong gives the best HP deal.

doc said...


everyone needs a bit of space sometimes, maybe men more than women.

i didn't exactly scream for joy but i appreciate the freedom.

doc said...


woo hoo, freedom! but they'll be back on sunday, & i'm on-call this weekend, so the break is not long enough to miss them!!

yes, the civic is miles ahead in exterior appeal & superior in performance.

doc said...

Mei Teng,

cooking for 1 pax? nah...either i'll eat out or make a very simple meal.

have a good weekend yourself!

doc said...


the house will be almost the same state as she left it - because i realise i'll only use the living room for the TV & bedroom to sleep.

the rest of the house will be largely untouched.

doc said...

PS. Ilene,

we share the same sentiments - the civic is the best looking of the lot, & altho the altis looks a tad old-fashioned, it may actually fit my middle-age persona.

apparently, sylphy is latin for a slender graceful girl.

doc said...


how i'd love to be a student again!! but then, this arrangement is only temporary. everything will be back to normal by sunday.

doc said...


that's what i had in mind initially, but unfortunately, the guys are at the camp as well. i couldn't make it because i'm on-call this weekend.

doc said...


everything else being equal, i would have settled for the civic but currently, the sylphy dealer gives the best trade-in & lowest HP interest.

thanks for the advice. i did read that the "wax" used to coat the noodles may be a health hazard, although not proven. still, i discard the 1st boiling, rinse the noodles a 2nd time with water, before boiling the soup with a 3rd lot of water.

Michelle Mak said...

i will go for civic!!! makes u look young!!! hahaahah

Yan said...

ha ha, I don't have a trade-in car and I am not taking a loan.

So how? I have quite decided on Altis 1.8.

doc said...


yes, it's got a really sporty (yuppie?) look.

doc said...


not taking a loan? those guys from Hasil will be watching your every step!!

for the sylphy, the dealer over here will take RM5k off if there's no trade-in.

actually, there's very little to choose between the 3, but for me, the drawback for the altis is that it has only 4-gears (the other 2 has 5)& the there is a noticeable time-lag between stepping on the gas & actual acceleration - a minor consideration if power is not an issue.

Yan said...


I do have difficult time deciding between Civic and Altis. Deciding on Altis is because it's a little higher! And I do not know why I don't like that big honda logo in front of the car! No long distance driving here in Kuching for me.

Well, I have paid enough tax over the years to own my first car! (I used to drive company's car which I gave up two years ago for an allowance wanting to own a car of my own) But in Sibu, I don't need one sharing one with hubby and surprisingly relationship grows closer with more tolerance! And in KK, I don't need one as everywhere is within walking distance. In Kuching, I can't work without a car. So, that's the time - after two years of car-free!

doc said...


you can't go far wrong with either the civic or altis - it'll just be down to personal preference.

happy driving!!

anastasia said...

although, i have a sylphy, and she drives really well and pretty cheap on fuel too.
but still, civic.
they have civic hybrids do they not?

doc said...


everything else being equal, i'd have opted for the civic also but the waiting period is 3 mths & the spare wheel looks like a motorbike's.

i was about to settle for the altis but the trade-in for my car sucks.

so, it's down to the sylphy - good trade-in, 2-week waiting period....& yes, the sales rep is HOT!!