Monday, June 13, 2011

attention X-files buffs!

we've not had a good conspiracy theory since the 9/11 WTC controlled demolition theory.(read here)

then, i stumbled upon 2 (yes, TWO!) yesterday.

the 1st involved the earthquake affecting fukushima & the damage to the nuclear reactors.(read here) didn't it occur to you that a 9.0 richter scale earthquake might have caused more destruction than a few buildings & a nuclear reactor?

the 2nd relates to the recent e.coli contamination of greens in europe. as the finger pointing goes around from country to country, read this interesting take on the tragedy. it's uncanny that a new bacteria strain possesses such extensive resistance to currently available antibiotics.

is there more evil emerging in this world beyond our wildest imagination? fox mulder would have been glad to come out of retirement to solve these!!

hopefully, this will help get you through your monday & new school-term blues.


house-tai said...

I am ready to believe the conspiracy theory for e.coli (and H1N1 for that matter) but the case for fukushima fiasco is quite silly. Sure, the earthquake didn't destroy that many buildings, but just look at the sheer power of tsunami. How can that be man made!

doc said...


that's why it's a conspiracy theory - it stretches the fertile imagination of the human mind!!

just like the theory that man didn't actually land on the moon but it was all a set-up.

Loshini said...

lolx. the thing is, the theories sound plausible coz of the pseudo knowledge in it. from seismic movement to bacteriophage use.

excellent reads though, both of those articles.. :P

the truth is out there.. o.O

doc said...


who knows how the truth will eventually pan out??

news said...

these are facts, more or less. Haarp can trigger an earthquake, torando and volcano.
Read about it.

e.coli ... if it is true that it was so antibiotics resistant, then yes it was an bio attach on Germany ..

doc said...



the Pentagon is responsible for the quakes?? wouldn't the japanese govt have lodged a complaint/protest by now?