Monday, June 27, 2011

football, anyone?

the English are coming!

well, not actually! even though they are English in name, Arsenal, Liverpool & Chelsea football clubs have more foreign players each compared to home-grown ones. even the respective managers & majority shareholders aren't English!

no matter. the fact that they will each play a malaysian selection here in KL should be enough to stir interest from both supporters & football neutrals. so B8 & i are bringing 3 of our boys for the arsenal game on july 13. it's on a weekday, so to me, it's a surprise the 2 wives agreed to let the boys go, considering the match will end past their bedtimes.

no matter. the boys are especially thrilled. now they can watch in real-life the stars they adore on-screen. i will be using the ticket as a bargaining chip - i'm certain the boy will do whatever he can in order not to forfeit the chance to watch the game live.

so, i can expect him to be extra hardworking, exceptionally helpful in the house & exhibit good behaviour. someone mentioned these carrot-and-stick disciplinary methods are outdated.

you think??


Yvonne Foong said...

Thank God nobody had to use that carrot-and-stick disciplinary method with me, so I grew up fine. I might have grown up learning 'conditional love' which will be hard to unlearn. PHEW!

Anonymous said...

I prefer World Cup. Last live match I went was seeing adult burly size men running after one ball RUGBY. Have FUN, rock the stadium like how MU fans did last time :d

MsUnicorn Girl said...

Have loads of fun with the boyz :) !

doc said...


my father used the carrot-and-stick method with me, & i'm fine with that as well.

doc said...


this will be the 1st live game i'm watching for years, the last one was when Derby County played Coventry City at S'pore's national stadium when i was in form 4!!

doc said...


thanks, we will!

Yvonne Foong said...

You are a rare breed.

doc said...


you think?