Wednesday, May 23, 2012

be careful when flossing

i floss 2 - 3 times a week. most times, when i flossed vigorously, the gums bleed a bit.

last nite was a bit different. while doing it, the floss seemed to get stuck in between teeth. as i tugged firmly with fingers at both end, something popped out. i feared it was a tooth but there was no bleeding.

turned out to be a filling instead.

went to the dentist today to replace the filling.  she said a filling normally lasts up to 10 years, by which time it would have loosened or cracked. i can't remember when i had that filling done but next time the floss gets stuck, i'd just release one end & thread the loose end thru the teeth instead. that would have saved me a visit to the dentist.

with that constant drilling, it's no walk in the park!


Tempus said...

ooo this reminds me of the cavity i need to fill.

I tried flossing before, but the habit just doesn't stay!

wenn said...

I hate to do filling of teeth..

Yvonne Foong said...


Things are falling apart, huh?

doc said...


i also feel flossing is hard work. the dentist recommends daily flossing but i can't.

doc said...


it's that constant drilling that drives you up the wall, right?

doc said...


yes, the ravages of time has taken its toll!