Thursday, May 24, 2012

hiding the truth

it quite common that we will loudly proclaim good news & keep silent on less happy events. when you read the mainstream media, most likely the govt's finest achievements will be front-page news while misjudgments will be consigned to a footnote, if mentioned at all.

after all, who wants dirty linen on public display?

my son certainly doesn't want that either.

that's why he hid his english test paper from us. the wife found it this morning tucked deep into a side compartment of his school bag. when asked why he didn't show it, he cunningly replied it's because we never specifically asked for it. ha ha, i can see where he gets this crafty trait from.

needless to say, he only got 85%. that by itself is average, but will be difficult to accept, considering that some of his chinese-speaking classmates outscored him.

he will be punished - no, not for the marks but for hiding the truth.

i, too, wonder if the govt should also be punished accordingly for hiding the truth?


kc said...

why was he hiding it in the first place?

Small Kucing said...

He put too much stress on. himself to get good marks ya? Hope he understand the punishment is for hiding the paper and not the marks.

Tempus said...

85% should be fine right? unless you guys are expecting 90 and above all the time

doc said...


because he knows he didn't perform to expectations.

doc said...

Small Kucing,

he knows.

doc said...


he's been getting above 90 consistently; besides, he speaks English most times.

Yvonne Foong said...

Poor kid. He needs to cut himself some slack!

I'd give myself a treat for getting 85%

iml said...

Would give him the benefit of the doubt that he forgot.

doc said...


the english standard in chinese school is much lower than when we were in english-medium schools. since he speaks only english at home, getting above 90% is really not asking too much.

yes, 85% at secondary level english is very good.

doc said...


ha ha, you're very understanding! btw, can't seem to get into your blog of late.