Monday, May 21, 2012

a pleasant surprise at the check-out counter

there is a promotion for assorted flavours of bottled green tea at the supermart. normal price is $2.00 each but for this weekend, 2 bottles for $2.85.

so, i got a bottle each of 2 different flavours, amongst other items. after paying, i was surprised i was billed $2.00 & $2.10 respectively for the 2 bottles. on closer inspection, i realised one of the two was a red tea, priced at $2.10 & not included in the promotion.

what was i to do? after all, i had paid & moved out of the counter already.

so, i decided to take a chance. i took another bottle of green tea & queued at the same counter. when i explained my oversight to the check-out lady & asked to exchange the normal-priced red tea with the promotional green tea, she promply amended my purchases & gave me a refund.

no hassle, no fuss.

how about that for exemplary customer service?

have you been frustrated by bad service & bad attitude from the supermarts?


Yvonne Foong said...

That's interesting. If I were you, I'd first shudder at the hassle of going back to exchange, decide not to take the hassle and feel frustrated by my own clumsiness. :P

We learn some of our traits from our elders and caretakers.

Tempus said...

not yet. most of the time u just have to be polite to get politeness.

its a give and take thing.

Small Kucing said...

that is good.

kc said...

one certain mart always has two prices - at the shelves, and at the counter, no guess which one is more!

doc said...


i did hesitate at the beginning, then decided to go for the exchange.

doc said...


this is not about being polite; it's about giving good customer service. how many times have you been polite to the customer service staff & they either can't or won't help you, because to make you happy, they have to do extra work & not everyone are prepared to do that.

this lady had to amend the purchase & give a refund, taking 5mins of her time while a queue formed behind me.

doc said...

Small Kucing,

she is.

doc said...


i wonder what's the marketting strategy here??

kc said...

alar, poor kid - as long as you know, he knows, his english is good, does it matter? dunno, not a parent, wudn't know. but i did get many 70++ for english in school and i did fine.

doc said...


you've commented on a different post. his english needs lots of improvement!