Tuesday, May 29, 2012


when i told a colleague that i was going on vacation with the family soon, he said it's good to detoxify yourself.


i was stumped for a moment, but then, realised it's an appropriate although unusual description.

of late, it has been rather stressful at work, not only because of increased workload (often seasonal) but also a succession of patients with difficult problems. throw in the contagious bugs & germs, & yes, i'd say the hospital environment can certainly be toxic.

well, i'll be off till the end of school break, & i can't say i'd miss the hospital one bit! also glad the general election is not called while we're away.

cherio, mates!


Tempus said...

take a break take bite, a mighty bite~

somehow breaks remind me of the might white bread commercial song in the radio XD

yea, human hospital have been claimed to have great bacteria busting protocols, but what have been known and told is that hospital have the most resistance bacteria to antibiotics.

Gotta be careful, or just screw it. Paranoia causes some degree of diseases and infections ait?

kc said...

love the roads this time of year! happy hols

wenn said...

happy holidays!

Small Kucing said...

have a good rest :)

eugene said...

Coming to Penang for holiday again Doc? well anyway,have a great holiday to you and your family, me going to Langkawi for a short break too,,,,and like you said, thank God GE not here yet,,,,

doc said...

thanks, everyone for your kind comments!

just got back & will blog about the vacation soon.