Friday, November 16, 2012

football = sex?

you must have seen it on the sports channel, or at least, your football-mad colleagues would have been ranting over it at the office.

yes, i'm referring to zlatan ibrahimovic's outrageous overhead kick against england in a friendly in sweden this week.

as i was talking about it with some friends at work, this nurse, still single but in a relationship & who obviously had witnessed the wonder goal, injected : yeah, fantastic shot - as good as any orgasm i've had!

hmm, such vivid imagination!

not sure if she was exaggerating - but it was fabulous. it would be right up there with those scored by messi or ronaldo. a definite contender for goal of the year. decade even.

and yeah, i'll be thinking of the goal if i ever meet with the boyfriend.


Andrea Boult said...

LOL... that must have been some orgasm that she is enjoying.

Yup! that goal was definitely supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!

doc said...


sorry can't find that word in the dictionary - like the goal, it's out of this world!!

Andrea Boult said...

That's the word I would utter if I happen to have an out-of-this-world orga.... uhmmm... ok, bad idea. Too much information.


Anyway, you can read about this latest superstar here:

doc said...


ah, not the kiss-and-tell type, huh? good for you - after all, loose lips sink ships!

yeah, he's crazy - & not just the tattoos & ponytail hair!