Saturday, November 17, 2012

home alone

about twice a year i get to be home alone for the weekend when the wife brings the kids to the hometown.

i'm ok with it - not that i don't miss them (i do!) but i've got stuffs that keep me occupied.

for a start, i work.

i've also got a whole weekend of football on astro plus i've just started reading Life of Pi again. actually, i commenced reading last year but somehow after about 10 chapters, the unfolding of the growing years of the protagonist got a tad boring & i stopped. now that the movie version of this Man Booker prize winner is to be released next year, i thought i'd pick the book up again.

oh yes, i bought it last year at a book fair because the hard-cover sold at less than half price. much as i enjoy reading, i usually purchase when the books are really on sale.

like today. i dropped by the local bookstore & this just jumped at me from the discount counter. the yellow tag was a dead giveaway....

it's 2 years from its 1st release but where can you get a current hard-cover by a best-selling author for rm9.90 these days?

yeah, the wife & kids would be home before i know it!


Small Kucing said...

I love Jeffrey archer books, except the prison series. What i like most are his short stories.

Ya, am always looking for cheap books. Used to hunt at Payless books but now closed down.

Now looking forward to Big bad wolf books sale pulak :)

Andrea Boult said...

I always look forward to those home alone weekends every once in awhile. I call it my "me" time. Unfortunately, my home alone weekends always end up being extremely busy weekends bcoz a certain Mr Murphy usually shows up at the most opportune time. :)

Life of Pi? I gave up on that book long ago. It sucks the patience out of me. I am going to start on Carlos Zafron's The Shadow of the Wind shortly. It is raining heavily outside and what's better than curling up under the duvet with a book in hand.

Enjoy your "me" time Doc :)

doc said...


me, too. i don't like his prison series as i thought he was trying to cash in on his misdeeds.

unfortunately, in the kampung where i live, real book sales are few & far in between.

hope you get some nice cheap books at the BBW.

doc said...


thanks, i will.

now that i'm reading Life of Pi again, it didn't feel like it's dragging its feet. read the review - apparently, there are actually some funny parts in the middle.

it must be raining outside - the OT feels colder today!