Sunday, November 25, 2012

is ignorance bliss?

life is like owning  a car.

when you send your car for servicing at the authorised dealer, you usually assure yourself that the mechanics would do a good job & the parts changed are original ones. as long as the car runs like clockwork, you usually don't care too much about the bill.

consider this hypothetical situation.

a man injures himself badly & seeks medical attention. he goes to the emergency department, expecting to be seen by an experienced doctor who will examine & manage him appropriately. he would then be sent to the ward for further treatment & recuperation, or to the OT to have his injuries operated upon.

does it boggle the mind that his injuries are so severe because he is given less adequate treatment & because his condition is not stabilised at the emergency department, when he is sent to the OT, he is more dead than alive??

like i said, life is like owning the car. when you refrain from patronising the road-side workshops & choose to pay top dollar for the service at the authorised dealer, you don't expect your car to breakdown a day after the service. as long as it runs, you're contented.

sometimes, it's better not to know what transpires within the confines of the workshop.

or the emergency department.

ignorance is bliss.

P/S. in the same vein, you really don't want to see what's going on in the kitchen of your favourite restaurant.


wenn said...

true..I would rather not know what happens..

Andrea Boult said...

Sadly, sometimes even top-notched authorised workshops fail and this is after one has dispensed with some big-notched dollars. :)

doc said...


i know exactly what you mean.

doc said...


like in all businesses, the more customers there is, something slip-shod is bound to happen.