Saturday, November 17, 2012

the waiting game

8.30am - scheduled time of surgery.

it's now 8.45am.

patient on the operating table.......anaesthetist ready to start......surgeon waiting in earnest.....

and, nurses just started preparing her instruments.

time of actual start of surgery - 8.55am.

it's days like this (& there are many of late) that makes me dread coming to work.

i suppose it could be worse - i could be dealing with a govt dept.


Andrea Boult said...


I read this post also I so beh tahan leh.


doc said...


like the chinese say, puke blood.

Yan said...

I have more of this waiting game at dinner. Luckily, not in the newsroom.

God bless you as you patiently.... wait:)

Birthie said...

Stereotypically, government (-linked) departments are pain in the ass. But I had one good experience with them,

My father had a AAA surgery at HKL recently. It was half an hour late from schedule.

doc said...


thanks, this is where the patience of the saints is called for.

doc said...


delays are sometimes unavoidable, but it should not be a result of the lackadaisical attitude of the subordinates & support staff.

actually, i shouldn't be surprised - the hospital is owned by a GLC.

hope your father is recovering well.

Birthie said...

Thanks, doc. He is. As fit as ever. In fact, he recover faster than people half his age in the ward.

Yvonne Foong said...

Speaking of nurses, I now think that not all American nurses are adept at their job. Nurses at st, Vincent Medical Center were very good. They Were Phillipinos.

Here in the NIH, many of the surgical nurses are rough, thoughtless or unrefined. But they don't look young or new on the job either. The strangest thing is, ward nurses arc better than OT nurses here.

doc said...


glad to know that.

doc said...


as in everywhere else, there are black sheep in every profession.

all the best for your surgery.