Wednesday, July 16, 2014


i am 30 a doctor.

on this day in 1984, i reported for duty as houseman in the paediatrics department. although medicine wasn't my 1st choice of career for most of school life, i had a change of heart when applying for varsity courses. although i initially struggled thru the initial stages of the course, it did take some time before i got used to it.

the rest is history & today, my classmates & i, of the class of 79/84, we celebrate our own special milestone.

*those days, i had a lot more hair & a lot less waist*


mun said...

You mean you are thinner now than you were 30 years ago?

doc said...


those days, i had a lot less waist...means i have more waist now.

sure la, when one grows older, sure put on weight!

mun said...

Oh, I got it wrong. I thought "have a waist" means can clearly see a well defined waist like having an hour glass figure. So you mean more waist as in having a spare tyre now, hehehe. Yes, when we grow older, have to watch the spare tyre.

Andrea Boult said...

I love your hairstyle. Sooooo GROOVY! :P

Michelle Mak said...

Happy 30th birthday, doc!

doc said...


i was a babe magnet, was i not?

of course, i meant new born babies la!

doc said...


thanks....i feel old already!!