Thursday, July 31, 2014


Gave a farewell dinner last week to one of the nurses who has left the department.

it's the usual occasion for best wishes to be exchanged, promises to keep in touch to be made and group photos taken.

so, i was most surprised when my colleagues & i each received a gift from the nurse concerned....
maybe we said, taught or did something or encouraged her in ways we didn't even realise. i remembered her from her student nursing days & have seen her pass thru the rite of passage from a blurry-eyed student to a confident staff nurse. even attended her wedding.
she will be missed much.
reminds me about the way our country is managed. there must be ongoing brain drain in every industry & the biggest beneficiary is the Little Red Dot down south.
but i digress.


mun said...

She is going to work in Singapore? You must feel good to receive something from her as it is usually the leaver who receives gifts, not the other way round. How many people did she give farewell gifts to? She must really feel grateful to all of you to do that.

doc said...


no, she left to be with her husband who works in another state but there is a steady stream of other nurses heading south.

she gave gifts to all five doctors in the dept.

AS said...

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Andrea Boult said...

That's so sweet of the nurse. :)